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Pink: Singing With Dad Was 'Awesome'

Recently, Grammy Award-winner Pink stopped by The Early Show for a special outdoor concert, performing her hit single " 'Cuz I Can" from her brand new CD, "I'm Not Dead."

She also performed her 2001 smash hit, "Get The Party Started."

Asked why she named her fourth album "I'm Not Dead," Pink says, "Long story … It's about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up even though people would like you to."

She was an executive producer on the album, co-producing every song.

"How much of this is actually personal stuff? When we hear the lyrics, it's pretty deep," asks The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen.

"It's all very personal, and I'm also a control freak, so I have to have a say in everything," Pink explains.

She says some of her drive comes from her father, with whom she performed a duet on the new album.

"Was that the first song you learned as a child?" Chen asks.

"First song I ever learned," Pink says. "My dad wrote the song 40 years ago in Vietnam and just had to do it. Felt like the perfect album to put it on."

Pink says the experience of having her father sing with her was "awesome."

Her new album also a political message, with a song titled "Dear Mr. President." Asked what inspired the song, Pink says: "Well, what inspired it? I live in America. I love being an American. I love the fact that I can write songs like this. I have the right to speak my opinion. And be heard. And I feel like more people need to do that. And I have a laundry list of questions for the leaders of this country."

Pink says she hasn't gotten any reaction or response from the White House. "I'm holding my breath," she jokes.

Speaking about married life, Pink — who got hitched in January — says: "Married life is wonderful. I have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man in my corner … He's just adorable. I like him a lot."

Click here for Pink's performance of " 'Cuz I Can" and her interview with Julie Chen.

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