Pink Bibles pulled over Planned Parenthood link

pink bible

(CBS/AP) Breast cancer awareness has turned a plethora of objects pink - including Bibles. But the pink-bound version of the Holman Christian Standard Bible has now been recalled by the Southern Baptist Convention's publishing division, because some of the sales money was given to Planned Parenthood.

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A portion of the purchase price went to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. LifeWay Christian Resources, the Bible's publisher, made the move after receiving complaints that some Komen affiliates were helping fund cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics, which also provide abortions.

 "The sign might as well read, "Buy a Bible and support abortion!" wrote Susan Tyrrell, editor of the Christian news website LifeNews.

How do breast cancer awareness advocates feel about the move?

The Komen foundation issued a statement in which it said all proceeds from the Bible sales were going to breast cancer screenings and expressed disappointment in LifeWay's decision.

The Bibles had been in stores since October.