Pimps and hookers have one Calif. neighborhood on edge

Image from police sting, in which a hooker is soliciting for sex in a Sun Valley neighborhood.
CBS Los Angeles

(CBS) LOS ANGELES - Pimps and prostitutes have reportedly taking over a  Sun Valley neighborhood, leaving many residents concerned and angry. Some families are even too afraid to venture out when the sun goes down, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The station reports that even during the day, men cruise around homes in Lankershim Boulevard of Sun Valley. And they aren't looking for directions.

"This is not something I want to see," said pet shop owner Norma Gonales. "I'm a mom."

Prostitutes are often reportedly seen waiting for buses on busy Lankershim Boulevard to avoid suspicion and arrest, but it is a sight still unwanted by both neighbors and police.

"We'll be driving by, and you see them out here -- half naked -- waving down vehicles," said officer John Bustamante. "We'll stop them and ask what bus they're waiting for and they won't even know what bus it is."

Neighbors such as Maria Meza, a mother of four, believes her kids are suffering because of this issue.

"They're not allowed to be kids, to be in front of my yard, to be in front of my porch," said Meza. "They just see a lot of stuff."