Pig in the back seat of stolen, crashed car

This black pot-bellied pig has been tearing up neighbors lawns in Midland Heights, Penn., and they're not quite sure how to handle it.
A Vietnamese pot-belly pig in Berlin.
A pot-bellied big
Britta Pedersen/AFP/Getty Images
(CBS/AP) YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Police say someone stole a car, crashed it, and fled, leaving behind a 250-pound passenger in the back seat: a pot-bellied pig.

Stop, you swine.

The Vindicator in Youngstown reports the vehicle apparently was stolen while a Pennsylvania woman who owns the pig was visiting a friend in the northeast Ohio city. On Monday afternoon, officers found the pig sitting in the vehicle, which had two flat tires and heavy front end damage.

Also, the air bags had deployed.

A police report indicated officers had the vehicle towed with the pig still inside.

Police are looking for suspects in the pot-bellied caper.