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PICTURES: When Kids Birthday Cakes Go Horribly Wrong

Cake Wrecks

(CBS) Everything is perfect. The party hats are on the table. The streamers artfully frame the doorway. The kids will be on their way in less than an hour. Your child is so excited -- it's finally time for the birthday party. You just have one thing left to pick up at the grocery store: the cake.

It's gonna be a beauty, because this year, you decided you'd let the professionals handle the difficult action figure that your child couldn't live -- or so he said -- without. One less thing to do, right?

But when you lift the lid, you want to cry. The cake you described so meticulously on the phone to the bakery clerk isn't exactly what you expected. It's...It's a wreck!

Now what?

If this has ever been your experience with professionally-made cakes, you'll understand what the parents who bought the cakes featured in our Worst Kids Birthday Cakes gallery (featuring Cake Wrecks cakes had to go through. 

PICTURES: Worst Kids Birthday Cakes

Or not? Do kids, in your experience, really notice when their birthday cake has gone completely wrong? Let us know! We'd love to hear your cake horror stories!