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Pickens Dismisses Both Obama And McCain Energy Plans

Texas Oilman T. Boone Pickens told CNN this morning that he believes neither presidential candidate has a solid blueprint to wean the country off foreign oil.

When CNN’s John Roberts ticked off some of the basics of the candidates’energy platforms and asked if they went far enough, Pickens said “no” and emphasized the importance of using natural gas as an alternative energy source.

The energy plans of both Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama touch on natural gas use. Obama calls for prioritizing construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline and streamlining other drilling projects. And McCain calls for expanding domestic drilling on the outer continental shelf, where there is an estimated 77 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas.

Pickens met with both candidates in late summer to discuss his “Pickens Plan” for use of more natural gas and wind energy.

Roberts then asked the oilman how much of his position is based on self interests, since Pickens has invested in natural gas.

“It’s small. It’s very small,” Pickens said.

The 80-year-old billionaire has touted natural gas as the next vehicle fuel source for years. His company, Clean Energy Fuels Corporation, owns natural gas fueling stations in the West and is the largest provider of natural gas for vehicle use in the country.

Neither campaign has responded to Pickens' jab.