Photos: The Search For Jaycee Lee Dugard

(AP Photo/Ivor Markman, file)
In this 1991 photo, schoolmates of Jaycee Lee Dugard help search for their missing friend in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.
Photos: The Search For Jaycee

NEW YORK (CBS) Nearly 20 years ago, a massive search began for Jaycee Lee Dugard, an 11-year-old girl who was snatched by a man and woman in a grey sedan while walking to her bus stop in 1991 in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

(AP Photo/Ivor Markman, file)
Terry Probyn, her mother (shown here), posted signs and printed t-shirts with the help of numerous volunteers while the FBI put up traffic stops and searched vehicles coming in and out of town.

Photos: The Search For Jaycee

Children hung pink ribbons, Jaycee's favorite color, in every spot their little hands could reach with hopes of welcoming little Jaycee home. Media outlets flocked to the Probyn residence to cover the story of their blond, blue-eyed daughter who vanished in broad daylight, but no solid leads were ever produced, and the case of Jaycee Lee Dugard remained unsolved for 18 years.

(AP Photo/Ivor Markman, file)
Photo: Terry Probyn cries for the loss of her daughter, Jaycee Lee Dugard.
Photos: The Search For Jaycee

On Aug. 26, 2009, authorities discovered Jaycee had been living in Antioch, Calif. with Phillip Garrido, a violent sex offender, and his wife, Nancy, in a series of tents and sheds in their backyard.

Phillip Garrido, allegedly impregnated Jaycee over the 18 years she was held in captivity. Her daughters, now aged 11 and 15, lived with her under the guise that she was merely their older sister, not their young mother.

Now, Jaycee has been reunited with her mother and sister, and the family, which now includes Jaycee's two daughters, is working to make up for lost time, according to Carl Probyn, Jaycee's stepfather.

Photos: The Search For Jaycee

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