Photographer films one second per day for 2012

"Just a Second 2012"

Have we all eased into 2013 by now? Wow, that was fast! Some of us still haven't wrapped our heads around the new year quite yet. (Some of us would also continue to write the wrong year at the tops of our school papers until at least February, but we digress.)

If you find yourself missing 2012 already, take a tour of one man's whole year one second at a time. The aptly titled "Just a Second 2012" shows one second of photographer Kent Frost's life for every day of last year.

The video does an excellent job of showing the personal -- Kent seems to love Kum N' Go almost as much as his cat -- as well as the stories that made headlines across the country. What a lovely collage of the year that was. Definitely 366 seconds well spent. (2012 was a leap year, remember?)

Incidentally, Kent's New Year's resolutions: "More swimming, fewer stops at Kum N' Go."