Photo: Monkey-Masked Speeder Evades Cops

(Arizona Dept. of Public Safety)
Photo: A speeding camera snapshot of a man in a monkey mask in Arizona.

NEW YORK (CBS) A Phoenix, Ariz. man has gone bananas—and he wants cops to take notice.

Officers say Dave VonTesmar has been speeding on highways lined with cameras while wearing a monkey mask with the intention of having his photo taken, according to KNXV Phoenix.

DPS officials told reporters there are 37 speeding tickets totaling about $6,700 in fines which belong to the man.

It's been a mini-safari in VonTesmar's car. Authorities told the station that if VonTesmar is not wearing a monkey mask, he uses either a gazelle mask or giraffe mask to avoid having his picture taken.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves told KNXV that they have a number of people who speed past their cameras and think they can get away with. He calls them "frequent flyers." VonTesmar, he says, is the most flagrant.

If you're reading this VonTesmar, we'll give you a tummy-scratch if you pay those tickets.