Phoenix Jones back on the beat after arrest

This Feb. 16, 2011 photo shows self-styled Seattle superhero "Phoenix Jones," center, in downtown Seattle. Police officers arrested Phoenix Jones early Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011, after he was accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray.
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

SEATTLE - Seattle's self-style superhero Phoenix Jones wrote on his Facebook page that he was back on patrol Monday night.

He had to wear a backup costume after police seized his black and yellow outfit Sunday when they arrested him for on assault charges. He is accused of using pepper spray on four people who were dancing after leaving a nightclub.

Jones, whose real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor, says he was trying to break up a fight when he was attacked.

He spent about seven hours in jail before posting $3,800 bail. Jones is due in court Thursday.

Seattle "superhero" arrested for assault

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson says you can't go around pepper-spraying people because you think they're fighting.

Jones says he's the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement. He previously wrote on his Facebook page that he wouldn't "ever assault or hurt another person if they were not causing harm to another human being."

A video of the alleged incident that he released shows Jones approaching a group of people and break it up; he claimed there was a fight in the group. A woman yells at Jones and hits him with her shoes. Jones is apparently seen holding pepper spray.

Then moments later, a BMW drives and almost hits an unidentified man; Jones chases after the car to get the license plate number.

Jones later approaches the rest of the group, during a which a woman tells him and his followers to stay away. Two men come up to Jones, who apparently pepper sprays them.

Jones, who wears a black mask, has been a high-profile figure among a group of vigilante crime stoppers in Seattle. Recently, he has had a camera crew follow him.

Peter Tangen, spokesman for Jones, said that the police have an agenda against the crime fighter

"They're on a mission to stop Phoenix Jones from what he's doing, which is legal," Tangen said.