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Phoebe Prince Update: 3 More Schoolmates Plead Not Guilty to Bullying Charges

Clockwise from top left, Sharon Chanon Velazquez, Sean Mulveyhill, Kayla Narey, Ashley Longe and Austin Renaud. (Facebook)

HADLEY, Mass. (CBS/AP) Ashley Longe, Sharon Chanon Velazquez and Flannery Mullins, three teens who prosecutors say participated in an "unrelenting" three-month bullying campaign against Phoebe Prince after she briefly dated a popular boy, had not guilty pleas entered by their lawyers in Franklin-Hampshire Juvenile Court Thursday.

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Longe, Velazquez, and Mullins, all 16, are charged with civil rights violations and harassment.

Sean Mulveyhill, 17, and Austin Renaud, 18, and Kayla Narey, 17, three other teens charged in connection with Prince's death,  had not guilty pleas entered by lawyers on Tuesday.

Mulveyhil and Renaud are charged with statutory rape and Narey is charged with civil rights violations and harassment.

All six students were ordered to stay away from the Prince family.

Price was 15-years-old when prosecutors say she was stalked and harassed almost constantly from September 2009 until she killed herself Jan. 14. Many parents and teachers at South Hadley High School are outraged that the harassment went on so long, reportedly under the noses of students and faculty.

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