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Philly Mayor Gets Irate Over Palin, McCain Speeches

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(PHILADELPHIA) Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter boiled over with contempt, directed at Republicans, as he introduced Sen. Joe Biden in at the Ironworkers Union Local 401 Hall today in Pennsylvania.

"I was astounded, astounded at what I saw at the Repulsive National Convention on Wednesday night, at the RNC between Giuliani and Governor Palin," said the mayor.

"Insults have now replaced ideas. Invective has now replaced innovation. Personal attacks have now replaced policy addresses. I have never seen such a negative climate in this country as we saw Wednesday night. And then the other guy had the audacity last night to start talking about partisanship and people working together. We're going to bring folks together. Not one idea, not one proposal. Not anything that effects anybody in this room! Not a word! Not a word!"

Mayor Nutter shouted angrily and pounded on the podium before a crowd of around a hundred laborers, attacking Gov. Palin's assessment of Sen. Barack Obama's resume as a being that of a "community organizer".

"And so I guess when you've got a light bench, when you have no real team, you spend all your time attacking the other folks. Community organizer has now somehow become a negative thing. Well you know, I think Martin Luther King, Jr. was a community organizer in his words, in his way. I think Town Watch leaders are community organizers! I think PTA persons, people who join the PTA are community organizers...I think elected officials are community organizers! I happen to think that union people are community organizers!"

"And then they have the audacity, the audacity in this day and age.... In the United States of America we rank twenty-first in education around the world, and now you're going to attack Sen. Barack Obama because he had the opportunity to go to college, go to law school, to make something of himself, to be a productive person in society? And now we're going to criticize folks for advancing themselves, working hard, and being a productive American. And you want to lead this country somewhere? Are you serious?"

Sen. Joe Biden, Obama's pick for vice president, campaigns today in Pennsylvania with Mayor Nutter, Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell.

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