Philly cop caught on video hitting a woman in the face during the Puerto Rican Day Parade

A woman is knocked to the ground by a punch from a police officer at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade
(CBS) PHILADELPHIA - A police officer in Philadelphia was caught on video hitting a woman in the face at the city's 50th Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows an officer in a white shirt hitting the woman. The blow knocks her to the ground and the officer then handcuffs her. As the woman is led away by two other officers, the video captured her bloody face.

It is unclear what the woman did to provoke the officer. The 36-second video, uploaded by Gisele Valentin, depicts a person near the woman discharging silly string, and other parade-goers seem to be spraying water in the direction of the officers. Before she is hit, the woman appears to be holding a water bottle.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department the woman, who has not yet been identified, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officer Tanya Little of the Philadelphia Police Department told Crimesider that the video was brought to the department's attention Monday morning and there is currently an "open and active" internal affairs investigation into the matter. Officer Little said the officer depicted hitting the woman has been identified but the department is not yet releasing his name or duty status.

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