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Phillippe Dispels Cheating And Envy Rumors

Despite rumors of infidelity and jealousy, Ryan Phillippe says he was faithful and supported the achievements of his wife, Reese Witherspoon.

"I'm not jealous of her, that's so far from the truth," he told In Touch magazine. "She's someone who's very talented and works hard. I've done well, too — that was never an issue."

Meanwhile, Life & Style Weekly said that tensions grew after Witherspoon became a big star in 2001 with the success of "Legally Blonde." Moreover, the Oscar she won for playing June Carter Cash in "Walk The Line" was a slap in the face to Phillippe, Life & Style said. He felt he had to play catch-up to his wife, who now pulls in $29 million a picture compared to his $2.5 million. Witherspoon filed for divorce on Nov. 8.

Phillippe and Witherspoon started dating in 1997 after they met at her 21st-birthday party. They married in 1999, the same year their daughter Eva was born. The couple had a son, Deacon, in 2003. In 2002, the couple announced they were in marriage counseling.

"This is the hardest time of my life," Phillippe told In Touch. "I miss my family."

But rumors abound that Phillippe had an affair with his "Stop Loss" costar Abbie Cornish. Another rumor says that Phillippe was involved with a brunette and a blonde while he filmed the movie in Vancouver.

According to Life & Style Weekly, sources say that Phillippe constantly flirted on set and looked like "a single guy on the prowl." The tabloid reports that Witherspoon was humiliated by talk of infidelity.

In Touch reported that Phillippe speaks to his children over the phone every day and will lived in an apartment the couple used as a writing studio when he returns to California from filming "Stop Loss."