Phillip K. Heade, Ill. man, charged in pirate sword attack, report says

Phillip K. Heade
Naperville Police Dept.
Phillip K. Heade
Naperville Police Dept. via CBS Chicago

(CBS) NAPERVILLE, Ill. - A Naperville, Ill. man was arrested after allegedly slashing a neighbor's arm with a 3-foot novelty pirate sword in a fourth of July dispute, reports the Naperville Sun.

According to the paper, Philip K. Heade is charged with unlawful use of a weapon, battery causing bodily harm and battery.

Police reportedly said the 51-year-old man walked by one of his neighbor's garage, exchanged words with him and then left. He reportedly returned minutes later with a novelty pirate sword and struck the victim in the arm.

According to the paper, the sword measured 3 feet from the handle to the tip of the blade.

Police said they don't know whether the conversation between the men prior to the attack included insults or threats, the paper reports.

The victim's injuries were not serious

According to the Naperville Sun, Heade has no criminal record and is free on bond while awaiting trial.