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Phillip Garrido Tells FBI He Can Stop Schizophrenics from Turning Violent

The front page of a document Phillip Garrido gave to the FBI.

NEW YORK (CBS) Phillip Garrido, the man accused of kidnapping and impregnating Jaycee Lee Dugard and convicted of raping another woman thirty years ago, dropped off his personal manifesto with the FBI a mere four days before he was arrested for allegedly holding Dugard prisoner in his backyard for 18 years.

In the document, entitled "Origin of Schizophrenia Revealed," Garrido claims to have a solution to stop schizophrenics from becoming violent.

"There is new insight that has the potential of helping people who hear voices to possibly stop and re-examine their thinking before committing a violent act on themselves and/or other," Garrido wrote.

It states that those who hear voices are not sick, but "have by design the freedom to monitor what others do not detect."

Gariddo gave the manifesto to an agent at the FBI's San Francisco office. That office did return Crimesiders calls Friday to ascertain the circumstances by which the handoff was made.

The manifesto also contains a testament to Garrido's state of mind by an unnamed doctor, which states he has been under the care of a psychiatrist for the past 18 years for attention deficit disorder.

(CBS/Nevada Dept. of Public Safety)
Photo: Phillip Garrido's 1988 mug shot.

The document claims local businesses held events which featured Garrido's voice-hearing skills. There are six "Declarations as Affirmations" in the document, which confirm "several private demonstrations have taken place that allowed others to witness my freedom to speak in a tongue unknown to the medical field, scientific world and the public in general."

Garrido also included two letters in his document: one to the media and another to universities, attorneys and law enforcement agencies telling them of his "powerful new discovery." He says the courts are "filled" with "these types of cases" and that his realization will "allow the educational world to break free of a Cultural Trance," which he later explains in a separate section.

Garrido understood his discoveries would be met by skepticism by the majority of the public, and asked the media to keep an "open mind" and air the "awareness" with "accountability and respect." He even goes as far as saying that he "will not continue to disclose to individuals who are not capable of considering this matter appropriately."

The "book," as he calls it, also contains photocopies of pamphlets he handed out for his church, God's Desire, as well as the documents necessary to incorporate the organization.

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