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Philadelphia mayor says Trump is a "punk" and "bully" over immigration policies

Philadelphia's Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney called President Trump a "bully" and a "punk" on Wednesday after the administration announced it is giving Haitians and other immigrants affected by natural disasters 18 months to leave the U.S. 

"There's no compassion whatsoever in the White House," Kenney said during an address he gave to City Hall that Philadelphia's local NBC affiliate captured on camera. "And I'm just beside myself with sadness because our president is a bully, our president is a punk, and he just doesn't get it."

"I don't know where he was raised, but his family didn't do a good job raising that guy, I tell you the truth," Kenney continued. "And I just can't express any more deeply my disappointment with where our country is headed, and where we've been. And it's only been a year of this nonsense and chaos."

Kenney's comments came after the Trump administration announced it is allowing a Temporary Protected Status to expire, giving Haitians until July 2019 to return home. The U.S. gave the status in the wake of the Caribbean's 2010 earthquake that devastated the island, and it affects about 60,000 Haitians. The Department of Homeland Security says conditions in Haiti have improved greatly in the last seven years. 

The Temporary Protected Status was set to expire in two months, but many had hoped it would be extended. 

Kenney has been a frequent critic of Mr. Trump's. On a visit to Philadelphia in January, Mr. Trump said the murder rate is on the rise in the City of  Brotherly Love. Kenney disputed that statement, saying that it was "false" and "an insult to the men and women of the Philadelphia police force — the very same men and women who are working long hours today to ensure his safety." In August, Kenney said the president seemed "unhinged," after Mr. Trump blamed "both sides" for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.