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Philly high school student charged after fight with teacher seen on video

PHILADELPHIAA 16-year-old high school student has been charged with aggravated assault after a fight he allegedly had with a teacher in a school hallway was recorded on cell phone video, reports CBS Philly.

The fight between the Lincoln High School student and teacher stemmed from an argument in the classroom, according to police. When the period ended, eyewitnesses say fists were raised.

The video appears to show both participating in the fight, but witnesses told CBS Philly that the teen was the aggressor. 

“I don’t think (the teacher) was trying to swing,” said Austin Augustine, a senior at Lincoln High School. “I saw him throw one punch, but the kid was throwing a lot of punches.”

A crowd of about two dozen people appeared to have watched. The video was posted to social media late Monday afternoon.

The teacher has not been charged in the case.