Phil Spector, Convicted Killer, Produces Album from Prison; Behind Bars, and Still Behind the Music

Phil Spector (AP Photo)

LOS ANGELES (CBS/KTLA) It's probably not the prison release Phil Spector is dreaming of, but the legendary music producer -- and, btw, convicted killer -- has produced his first full recording project in three decades from behind bars, reports CBS affiliate KTLA.

This "prison release" is a new album Spector produced for his 20-something wife, Rachelle, her debut CD, entitled "Out of My Chelle."

About this time, you might just be asking yourself... so how do you produce an album while serving 19 years-to-life for murder?

Actually, Spector and his wife worked on recording the tracks during the downtime between his first and second  trials. (You gotta at least give him credit for keeping busy.)

In a statement, Spector, who is 70, said of his wife, "I trusted her with my life and songs and production. She's fantastic on this album."

Yes, somehow he managed to get a press release out from behind prison walls, reports RadarOnline.

Speaking of her incarcerated collaborator-husband, wife Rachelle told the website, "For the time being, of course, Philip is actually far away. But he's still the shining light in my life, and I can always feel him here with me."

Spector and Rachelle were married in 2006, three years after he was arrested in the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson at his Alhambra, Calif. mansion.

While they're hoping "Out of My Chelle" is a hit, a successful appeal of the murder conviction would raise the specter of a far bigger release.

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