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Phelps Races Away From Sex, Drug Gossip

No sex, no drugs, no, Michael Phelps is back in the news as a swimmer.

After a photo showing Phelps with a bong earned him a three-month suspension, the swimming great easily qualified for the finals of two events Friday morning at the Charlotte Ultraswim, his first meet since winning eight Olympic gold medals in Beijing.

Most recently, Phelps was back in the news after a stripper told a British tabloid the super athlete was also super in the bedroom.

Phelps touched second in the last heat of the 200-meter freestyle at 1 minute, 50.46 seconds, and came back about an hour later to win the final heat of the 100 butterfly in 53.41. In both events, he had the third-fastest time overall, advancing to the evening "A" finals.

This is the first meet for which Phelps was eligible since completing a three-month suspension by USA Swimming.

Having served the suspension doled out by USA Swimming, time he spent training and losing nearly 20 post-Olympic pounds, Phelps still has time to compete in three events before the national championships in early July and the world championships in Rome later that month.

He's eager to start working toward some new goals.

"It's kind of like Tiger (Woods) working on his putting game or his pitching game," Phelps said. "It's sort of completing the whole package."