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Pete Rose In From The Cold?

Banned former baseball player Pete Rose will be on the field for a ceremony before Game Two of the World Series Sunday - the first time the former Cincinnati Reds star will be part of a Major League Baseball-sanctioned event in more than 10 years, reports USA Today.

Rose is one of 20 living members of the 30-man All-Century Team, which will be announced Saturday and presented Sunday.

Rose was banned Aug. 24, 1989, by then-commissioner Bart Giammati for illegal gambling activities. In August of this year, commissioner Bud Selig agreed that if Rose were selected by fans from among 100 nominees on the ballot, he would be allowed to participate in the on-field ceremonies.

Fans chose two players at each infield position, six pitchers, and nine outfielders, and a special panel added five additional players. Rose - nicknamed "Charlie Hustle" - placed ninth among outfielders.

Rose applied for reinstatement in September 1997, but Selig has not acted upon the request. He has made it clear he sees no reason to change the ban.

Stroking record-breaking hit #4,192

Rose played 24 seasons in the major leagues, after joining the Cincinnati Reds as a second baseman in 1960. Most of those years were played with the Reds, although he also played four seasons for the Philadelphia Phillies and part of one season with the Montreal Expos.

A singles hitter, Rose holds the record for major league hits, 4,256, breaking Ty Cobb's record on September 11, 1985. He also holds the records for most games played, most at-bats, and most singles. He had 100 or more hits in 23 of his 24 seasons - also a record. He is the only major league player to play more than 500 games at five different positions: first, second, third, left field and right field.

The Cosmic Baseball Association, which supports removing the ban on Pete Rose, has a complete list of his records.

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