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Secretary Pete Buttigieg explains how the infrastructure law will affect you

Promise & perils of the infrastructure law
The promise and perils of the bipartisan infrastructure law 01:51

Thanks to the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law passed last year, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is overseeing one of the most significant investments in America's bridges, roads, and rails in more than half a century. 

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, will play an important role in determining which transportation-related projects receive the new federal funding.

Sunday on 60 Minutes, Sec. Buttigieg told correspondent Anderson Cooper that one of the first things Americans are going to see is "accelerated work on roads and bridges."

"When it comes to roads and bridges, we haven't invested at this level since the Eisenhower administration, since they built the interstate highway system in the first place," Buttigieg told Cooper. 

Electric Cars

Sec. Pete Buttigieg on the future of electric cars in the U.S. 00:57

Buttigieg said his agency wants to create a national network of charging stations that will allow people with electric vehicles to confidently drive longer distances.

"I do want people to understand, electric charging is going to be a little bit different than gas stations," Buttigieg told Cooper. "Now, there may be electric charging at gas stations. But one thing you could never do with a gas station is charge at your house."

Buttigieg thinks electric cars can be a boon to both rural and urban families that currently spend a significant amount of money on gas.

Sec. Pete Buttigieg Political Plans

Anderson Cooper asks Secretary Pete Buttigieg about his future political aspirations 01:28

Secretary Buttigieg rose to national political prominence when he campaigned to become the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020. He tied for first with Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucus and finished a close second in the New Hampshire primary. When Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race, he endorsed Mr. Biden. 

In the video above, Cooper asks Buttigieg about his political aspirations going forward.

"Where my head is at is how do we spend the better part of $1 trillion in infrastructure funding accountably, on time, on task, and on budget. It literally doesn't leave any room for me to be thinking about politics," Buttigieg told 60 Minutes.

You can watch Anderson Cooper's full 60 Minutes story on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg below.

Secretary Pete Buttigieg: The 60 Minutes Interview 13:55

The videos above were originally published on March 13, 2022.

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