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PETA Offers Britney Spears A Job

Inisisting they're dead serious - even though it's the day before April Fool's Day - animal rights organization PETA has offered fur-wearing Britney Spears a job.

The president of PETA has written a letter to Spears inviting her to enter into a new relationship with the organization and come onboard as a "virtual receptionist."

PETA says the decision to send the letter came in response to Spears' successful guest spot last week as a medical office receptionist on "How I Met Your Mother."

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"We might have criticized you in the past for contributing to the dog overpopulation crisis and wearing real fur, but perhaps now that your own crisis has abated, a new day calls for a new relationship, a new outlook, and a new understanding," PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk said in the letter, dated March 27.

"It could be for as little as an hour, and you would see - from the inside - why we are so concerned about issues like fur and homeless dogs and cats," Newkirk said. "As a 'thank you' for your willingness to learn and help, we would donate $1,000 to a children's charity."

A spokeswoman for PETA told The ShowBuzz that they haven't received a response from the pop star.
By Abigail Albair

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