PETA Offers Britney Spears A Job

Continuing his passionate quest to find the woman who will one day be his wife, Ted (Josh Radnor) pursues his beautiful dermatologist, Stella (guest star Sarah Chalke "Scrubs"). While Stella turns down his repeated efforts for a date, her office receptionist, Abby (guest star Britney Spears), becomes smitten with Ted, on "How I Met Your Mother" March 24 on CBS
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Inisisting they're dead serious - even though it's the day before April Fool's Day - animal rights organization PETA has offered fur-wearing Britney Spears a job.

The president of PETA has written a letter to Spears inviting her to enter into a new relationship with the organization and come onboard as a "virtual receptionist."

PETA says the decision to send the letter came in response to Spears' successful guest spot last week as a medical office receptionist on "How I Met Your Mother."

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"We might have criticized you in the past for contributing to the dog overpopulation crisis and wearing real fur, but perhaps now that your own crisis has abated, a new day calls for a new relationship, a new outlook, and a new understanding," PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk said in the letter, dated March 27.

"It could be for as little as an hour, and you would see - from the inside - why we are so concerned about issues like fur and homeless dogs and cats," Newkirk said. "As a 'thank you' for your willingness to learn and help, we would donate $1,000 to a children's charity."

A spokeswoman for PETA told The ShowBuzz that they haven't received a response from the pop star.
By Abigail Albair