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Pet Pal's Gadgets

With pets increasingly being treated like members of the family, an explosion of pet gadgets are hitting the marketplace.

And with summer almost here, that means more time outdoors with your animal.

The Early Show resident veterinarian Debbye Turner showed the latest and greatest products to keep your pet pals comfortable, clean and safe.

Turner says with pets increasingly being treated like members of the family, an explosion of pet gadgets are hitting the marketplace.

Some products are just fun, she says, while others will be perfect for spending more time outside with pets — helping the animals avoid the risk of getting heat stroke, getting lost or injured.

Tough Traveler's Dog Perch Carrier

A baby carrier company is now attracting dog owners. The company says its USA made backpacks for carrying dogs can transport small dogs. Accessories include detachable backpack, insulated bottle holder, adjustable canopy (for sun or rain), insulated side pocket for food and a back mirror so people can see the carrier's occupant. The back adjusts for people 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches in height, and they can carry up to 60 pounds (The Colt can hold 40 pounds). But, Tough Traveler says, most people carry dogs up to 20 to 25 pounds.

Sold at:; 1-800-go-tough
Price: $125 (Colt); $196 (Stallion); Accessories are priced from $12 to $58

This item allows pet owners to push, instead of carry, furry friends in cages. The pet stroller folds up for storage in car or home, and it has locking wheels for safety. It also has storage compartments under carrier for a litter box or pet food. Pet-n-Go says the carrier is secured to coach with Velcro safety straps. It has a mesh and water resistant base, hand washable liner and can carries up to 25 pounds.

Sold at:
Price: $129.99

Canine Cooler Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed
The "cool" dog bed from SoothSoft Comfort Technology creates a dry room temperature cooling effect, paired with support for pets. The company says it is great for soothing and alleviating ailments and injuries such as heat stroke, allergies and skin conditions. Turner says senior dogs may also appreciate the cool spot that wipes clean.

Sold at:
Price: $44.95 (small), $109.00 (extra large)

Dogs are highly susceptible to heat stroke during the summer months. So, the PetBrella, which combines a sturdy steel tie-out stake with a 6-foot diameter, high quality cloth shade umbrella to give your pet relief from the scorching heat, may help. The PetBrella comes in three colors and has a tilt mechanism and a handy carrying case for trips.

Sold at: Petland catalogs and
Retail price: $39.99 to $49.99

Cat Attract
Millions of cats don't use their litter box, according to Cat Attract, so they created a litter product specially formulated with an herbal scent that attracts curious cats.

Sold at: PetSmart, Petco, independent pet stores, veterinarian clinics and
Retail price: $10.99 to $15.99

The patented "poop pouch" is a reusable "bird diaper" with a leash/harness option. The manufacture of the flight suit says it keeps droppings away from birds and you. Disposable "FlightLiners" can contain droppings for hours, meaning less washing of FlightSuits. The suit allows maximum freedom for wings, neck and feet of the bird using it.

Sold at:, Petco, Doctors Foster & Smith pet supply catalog and selected pet stores.
Retail price: From $19.95

The digital dog tag, which can be attached to an existing collar, carries 40 lines of information, such as name, address, home phone, county license and more. The water- proof Dog-e-Tag has two scroll buttons, and it is shock proof. Plus, it can be programmed in five languages. Turner says the tag allows dogs to be returned faster if they go lost. The owners can establish a PIN number, and information can't be changed.

Sold at:
Retail price: $39.95 (plus shipping)

The Gentle Leader Headcollar
Gentle Leader says its Headcollar helps owners control their pet's jumping, pulling, barking, chewing and begging. But, the manufacturer says it's not a muzzle. When fitted properly, dogs are free to open their mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch, bark and even bite — except when closing their mouth by pulling on the leash. The Headcollar features two soft nylon straps - the collar portion fits high at the top of the neck, and the nose loop fits loosely and comfortably across the base of the muzzle.

The Gentle Leader's Nose Loop encircles a dog's muzzle, letting him know in his own language that you are his leader.

The Gentle Leader's Neck Strap applies pressure to the back of the dog's neck rather than the front of the throat, working with your dog's natural relaxation instinct with a calming effect. Most dogs tend to pull against pressure so the gentle pressure at the back of the neck causes the dog to pull backward, not forward, according to the manufacturer.

Sold at:, or call 888-640-8840 for nearest dealer, including: PetSmart, Petco and smaller retail pet stores.
Retail price: $18.95 to $ 27.95

Patented Ty-Lift 1
This product was invented by Theresa Miale when she couldn't lift her dog Ty (now deceased). With the transportation device for old, large or injured dogs, there's no lifting involved. Ty-Lift says pet's paws can be easily slid onto the stretcher.

The unit has four indoor/outdoor wheels (the front wheels swivel for easy turning, and it has brakes), it weighs 16 1/2 pounds and has a length of 4 ½ feet. The Patented Ty-Lift 1 also has a handle that is removable and includes aluminum booster plate, which is especially useful for post surgery dogs who must sit in the center of the unit. The frame is placed over the animal and the canvas re-snapped for transfer to vehicle. The unit folds in half.

Sold at:, or call 1-877-738-5438
Retail price: $599 (usually $685)