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Peru Says Arab-Latin America Summit May Be Delayed

LIMA, Peru (AP) - The crisis in Egypt may force postponement of a summit of Latin American and Arab leaders, Peru's President Alan Garcia said Saturday.

Garcia told reporters that the Arab League is likely to say Monday whether the meeting in Peru's capital, Lima, should be set back. It is currently set for Feb. 13-16.

"We understand that there is a severe problem of instability in the zone and some (leaders) are wary of leaving the area," Garcia said.

Garcia said he had been speaking with Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa about a new date, possibly around March 26.

He said he was sure it would happen this year, but "in an atmosphere of greater responsibility and tranquility" in the Middle East.

Leaders of 22 Arab countries and 12 South American nations are scheduled to attend the summit, the third such gathering of leaders from the two regions.

The idea is to increase what have been very modest commercial relations.

Peru has been sprucing up its capital of Lima in preparation, including painting its vaunted National Museum.

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