Peru: Lori Berenson to Be Released Monday

US citizen Lori Berenson, left, from New York, is escorted by police officers as she arrives for an audience at a courthouse in Lima, Peru, Friday, Nov. 5, 2010. A Peruvian judge has ordered that Berenson be released from prison on parole again. She had been paroled in May after serving three-quarters of a 20-year sentence but was returned to a Lima woman's prison in mid-August on a technicality. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)
AP Photo/Karel Navarro
Peruvian officials say convicted rebel collaborator Lori Berenson will go free on Monday.

The 40-year-old New York woman was paroled in May after serving nearly 15 years in prison.

But a court reincarcerated Berenson in August on a technicality and she took along her now 18-month-old son.

The same judge who initially paroled Berenson reinstated it Friday.

Berenson cannot leave Peru until her 20-year sentence ends - unless Peru's president commutes it.

Prisons spokeswoman Janet Sanchez said Saturday that the agency was still awaiting the documents needed to release her.