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'Person Of Interest' In BTK Case

The BTK serial murder case might be a step closer to being solved.

Wichita police and other law enforcement authorities moved into a suburban area of Park City, Kan., Friday afternoon, and reportedly executed a search warrant at a home there, approximately seven miles north of Wichita.

The Kansas City Star reports that a bomb unit truck, two SWAT trucks, FBI, and other law enforcement were deployed near the intersection of I-135 and 61st Street North, a residential area near clusters of fast-food restaurants.

Neighbors told the Star police vehicles began appearing around 11 a.m. and their block was filled with officers by noon. One witness says officers took a neighbor away early in the day.

According to CBS News sources in Wichita, state police are speaking to "a person of interest" in connection with the decades old BTK case.

Meanwhile, Wichita Mayor Carlos Mayans, as he was leaving city hall, told reporters gathered nearby there would be a news conference at 10 a.m. Saturday on the BTK serial killer case. He would not comment any further.

The BTK killer — the initials of the killer's self-coined nickname stand for "Bind, Torture, Kill" — has been linked to eight unsolved killings, committed between 1974 and 1986.

Police said they would make an announcement about their activity, but did not say when. Earlier in the afternoon, uniformed police officers were standing outside Wichita's city hall, which houses the police department.

Police in Wichita, the Sedgwick County District Attorney's office and the FBI all declined to comment to The Associated Press about the activity or any possible connection to the BTK case.

KAKE-TV, without citing a source, said police were questioning a "person of interest" in connection with the BTK serial killer case. The station is one of the news outlets that has received communications believed to be from the killer.

In December, the arrest of a Wichita resident on minor charges sparked widespread speculation of a possible link to the BTK serial killings. That man, who had no connection to the case, later filed a lawsuit alleging defamation against the media outlets that named him.

After taunting police with letters to news organizations throughout the 1970s, BTK disappeared before resurfacing a year ago, when he sent a letter to The Eagle claiming responsibility for an eighth killing in 1986.

Last March, after 25 years of silence, he resurfaced with letters to the media and the police. Since his re-emergence, he has showered the community with letters and packages.

In the latest twist, the killer has apparently decided to change TV stations.

BTK has communicated primarily with KAKE-TV of Wichita, but the letter in the latest package indicated BTK wanted to spread his communications to other outlets.

"KAKE is a good station, but I feel they are starting to be single (sic) out, because of me, and causing problems among the people. Let's help the news media and WPD (Wichita Police Department) by using this package as a start," the letter stated.

In that letter, the killer included a copy of the victim's driver's license and photos of her slain body.

Police said they have received more than 5,000 tips from the public since BTK resurfaced.

Mayor Carlos Mayans refused further comment this evening; he said only there will be a news conference tomorrow at Wichita City Hall. Police, the FBI and other authorities are also keeping silent about the search at the Park City home.