Perino: Bush-Era Interrogation Program "Effective, Safe And Legal"

(AP Photo )
On this week's edition of's Web-only program "Washington Unplugged," Dana Perino, who was White House press secretary under President Bush, called controversial Bush-era enhanced interrogation techniques "effective, safe and legal."

Perino had strongly critical words for President Obama – who she said "made a mess" of the situation – as well as Congressional Democrats, some of whom have called for an investigation into the authorization of tactics such as waterboarding and sleep deprivation.

"We've already said those techniques aren't being used anymore," she told CBS News' Chip Reid. "So what more is there to investigate unless they are on a political witchhunt?"

Perino also suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats should testify in any investigation that does take place, since Members Of Congress "were briefed about the program."

Watch the interview below.

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