Perfect Presents for Pets

Don't forget the furry members of your family when you do your holiday shopping! Oh -- and birdies, too!

On "The Early Show" Tuesday, resident veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner Bell showcased plenty of clever offerings certain to make tags wag, cats purr and birds chirp.

Holiday Gift, Shopping Guide

(The following descriptions were prepared in full or in part with information provided by the manufacturers or retailers)


From $25
Puppy Tweets is the electronic dog tag that sends messages to your home computer, then Tweets to you! Puppy Tweets is a tag with a sound and motion sensor that you attach to your pet's dog collar and connect its USB receiver to your computer. Ever wonder what your pet is doing while your away? Whenever your dog moves or barks, the Puppy Tweets tag detects it and sends a Tweet via Twitter.

The supercollar is an innovative, collar and leash "hybrid" that replaces the traditional separate collar and leash. Developed with an emergency veterinarian and an award-winning design engineering firm, supercollar is a unique alternative to every other leash and collar system on the market. The built-in retractable leash allows you to gain immediate control of your dog, instead of having to take the time to attach a leash.

The Rescue Me Pet ID tag uses small USB flash memory to store information about your dog or cat in the event it it lost. Store multiple contacts, vet information and pertinent temperament information in a small Adobe Acrobat file and update the information as necessary using a personal computer.


From $129
Meet your pet's needs while preserving your sense of style with our Cat Bathroom Cabinet. Our versatile and practical piece features clean lines on the dark wood veneer, wainscoting paneling details and stainless steel hardware. It blends seamlessly in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere your pet feels at home. Contain your cat's litter box mess inside or use as a discreet resting

These highly convenient daybeds allow your cat to be nearby without interfering. Simply clamp the beds onto the side of your desk (desk side must be at least 2" thick, cannot be glass) and enjoy the company. The beds can also be placed directly on top of your desktop by removing the clamp (bottom felt pads protect your desk's surface). The cushion cover is machine washable and the wood is solid pine (available in 3 finishes). Ideal if seeking very unique, novelty cat beds. The beds can be positioned differently, but they do not rotate.

Outrageously-cute cat hideaways spell F-U-N for kitty and laugh-out-loud appeal for you. These intriguing cat beds boast rich-colored outer poly/cotton fabrics and 1" thick foam walls to retain shape and boost pet comfort. Fish features a large mouth, which cats can crawl into and hide, and a tee-pee-like shape for a den-like feel cats crave. Cats love to crawl into the half-open lid on Tuna Can. They just might forget about your open dresser drawers. Tuna Can features a comfortable felt lining, a removable 1" thick cushion, and a water-resistant bottom - not to mention that too-cute lid made of polyester shimmer fabric. A feast for the eyes and perfect comfort for cats.


RESORT HOODED PET ROBE $39.50 - $49.50
This warm Resort Hooded Pet Robe dries dogs after a bath or snowy play. This super-absorbent towel envelops your dog in cozy comfort, for quick and easy drying. Personalize this towel with your pet's name, up to 12 characters. (Made of looped terry and velour fabric, thick and absorbent, machine washable, imported) (Price dependent on personalization.)

COZY THERMAL JAMMIES (with butt vent) $9 - $15
Thermal dog pajamas fuse the insulating quality of thermal-weave fabric and the ease of self-fasteners. Use when the weather is chilly or whenever you want to reduce pet dander and hair in your home. Features a faux back flap, decorative topstitching and white buttons, and non-restricting rib trim at neck and legs. Cotton/poly fabric. Machine wash and tumble dry low. (Price dependent on size.)

Keep wet dog smell to a minimum. Waterproof-coated nylon raincoat covers from head to base of tail and wraps around flanks to keep him dry. Self-fastening underside strap. Back pocket. Reflective dog coat back strip. Wipes clean easily. Sorry, personalization not available. Please specify color. (Price dependent on size.)


For dogs that love a hot pursuit, let him track the tennis balls tucked inside these big-mouthed toys. Big Mouth Wild Ones play host to a trio of safari-themed tennis balls, which dogs paw out for chasing and chewing fun. When playtime is over, they double as a huggable cuddle toy. Sturdy plush toys have well-stitched details and poly-stuffed bodies. Machine washable. Please specify style.

DOGMEAT $8 - $14
Dogmeat are safe non-toxic toys for puppies and small-sized dogs. Soft durable meat toys all squeak and are realistically decorated.

BONBAL $8 - $14
Is it a bone? Is it a ball? It's BOTH! Made from 100 percent Natural Rubber, this 2-in-1 bone shaped toy turns into a ball!

PetCo - $16.50
A living room ensemble that includes a Sit N Snooze sofa, Hide N See TV, Sip N Snack Lamp, and Snack N Sit Rocker. This set provides fun places for your hamster, gerbil, or mouse to hide or rest.

PetCo - $33
Battery operated toy that provides hours of mental and physical stimulation. A toy mouse squeaks and a leather tail whips out of the bottom for the cat to bat at and chase. Plus, there is a rope surface on the top of the toy for your kitty to scratch until her heart is content.


PAK-O-BIRD $109 - $170
Pak-o-Birds are the most innovative light-weight carriers for travel with pet birds in comfort and safety. They come in three standard sizes and many custom designs. For leisure walking, as a mobile home for short stay in friend's house or hotels, Pak-o-Birds make it all possible. They can be carried as a front pouch, backpack, shoulder bag or in a stroller for one or more birds. Let's include your feathery friends in the next trip! (Stainless steel are the most expensive.)


Decorate your tree year after year with a one-of-a-kind ornament made with the help of your pet. Simply mold the included clay into your desired shape, press your pet's paw into the clay, bake for 30 minutes, and enjoy the fruits of your creativity. A great gift for family, friends, or yourself; give the kit itself, or give a finished ornament! Kit contains clay, roller, ribbon, modeling tool, instructions, and shaping ring. Nontoxic, and suitable for children ages 8 and up.

These unique pet portraits use very bright colors and surreal backgrounds to capture the personality of your dog, cat or favorite pet. You can choose from our available backgrounds or have our artists draw the original background from your photo. This unique style uses advance techniques and the result is a beautiful portrait with realistic texture and brush strokes. AllPopArt's exclusive Pet-glo portraits are only available for pet photos. (Price is dependent upon size.)

If you'd like to adopt these dogs seen on the segment, contact the Humane Society of New York. They are:
Bob, an 8 month old yellow lab, Emily, a 1 1/2 year old beagle/hound mix and Redmond a 2 1/2 year old setter mix. All are looking for homes.