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Perfect Pillow Talk

Here's everything you need to know to buy the perfect pillow, reports The Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen.

Eileen McGill, sleep concierge at New York City's exclusive Benjamin Hotel, says the first thing to consider is the position you sleep in.

Side sleepers should choose a firm pillow to help keep the neck and spine properly aligned.

Back sleepers should pick a medium-density pillow because it cradles the head and supports the neck.

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Stomach sleepers need a soft pillow to avoid stress on the neck and spine.

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good pillow. Koeppen tested three pillows bought by a producer for The Early Show. She preferred the $40 pillow over the $15 and $100 ones.

Prevention magazine tested the therapeutic claims on 40 pillows: only nine really lived up to their claims. Click here to see the best pillows.

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