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Perfect Jeans for All Body Types, Budgets

It's all about the jeans.

Jeans are a staple in most wardrobes, but with so many brands, sizes, and washes to choose from, finding a perfect pair requires some work.

So, on "The Early Show," style contributor Katrina Szish spotlighted the right denim duds for every body type and budget.

In anticipation of fall, she found five 5 women with various body shapes and fit challenges (curvy, long legs, petite, flat tush and pear shape) who all needed new jeans. Szish spent hours fitting them into the affordable jeans best for their shapes.

None of the jeans retail for more than $60, and most cost even less!

Model #1 - Mazall (Pear Shape)

Wearing Levi's Curve ID Slight Curve Skinny Jeans $60

Pear shapes like Mazall have hips that are wider than their shoulders and have slimmer waistline and upper bodies. When looking for denim, the key is to balance out the proportions by streamlining from the waist down. Choose slim-cut jeans (wide-leg can accentuate a fuller bottom half) in a darker wash to make hips appear narrower. Avoid jeans that sit too low on the hips which can add width, but make sure they don't gap at the waistline. Don't choose anything cropped, which will cut off the legs and give a boxy look.

We put Mazall in Levi's new Curve ID line (specifically in the "Slightly Curved" pair) -- which are designed based on a woman's shape, not her size -- the 3 custom fits are based on the difference between the measurement of a woman's hip and seat. And yes, these are skinny jeans! Mazall is a size 10/12 on bottom, and as you can see she is living proof that skinny jeans are not just for size zeros. And, there's no need to hide those hips -- the fit is perfect -- through the legs, the thighs and the waist. We show off her slim waist and top with a body-conscious top which balances the slim cut of the jeans, for the ultimate hourglass effect.


Levi's Jeans, Demi Curve Skinny Pure Blue Dark Wash, $60,
ASOS red pea coat, $75,
Zara tan short-sleeve cotton turtleneck, $20, Zara stores nationwide
Newport News ruched snakeskin print pump, $29,
Jessica Simpson brown leather belt, $36,

Model #2 - Blair (Long Legs)

Wearing Uniqlo Skinny Jeans $30

I know, I know -- it doesn't sound like a problem to most of us, but to women like Blair -- who is 5'10" and all legs -- finding denim that actually fits can be a significant challenge. Everything she finds always cuts off at the ankles, or is too short to wear with boots or heels. Long-legged women should NOT buy jeans that are too short -- they will cut off rather than show off your enviable assets creating an awkward look. More and more, denim labels are offering longer-leg options, so PLEASE find them!!

Blair is wearing a long, lean pair of dark denim jeans from Uniqlo. They hug her in the right places and as you can see, the length of the jean comes all the way to the bas of her ankle -- exactly where it should be. She can even tuck these into short booties. We balanced the long legs with a cropped, boxy jacket from LOFT.


Uniqlo Women's Legging Pants, $30,
Gap tweed funnel jacket, $98,
LOFT sleeveless ruffle top, $68, LOFT stores nationwide
Candie's for Kohl's black suede platforms, $60,
Mulberry for Target black handbag, $30, in Target stores Oct. 10
Zara black hat, $30, Zara stores nationwide
H&M leather belt, $18,
H&M faux pearl stud earrings, $4,
Temple St. Clair for Target 5 gold charm bracelet, $40,

Model # 3 - Andi Rae (Petite)

Wearing Mandee Boot cut Jeans $25

Petite woman have the opposite problem from women with long legs -- they have a significant challenge finding jeans that aren't too long and properly fitted all over for their small frames. Cutting off longer jeans doesn't necessarily mean the jeans will fit correctly. The proportions or pocket placement may be all off. Petites should avoid anything with too much fabric, which can completely drown their frames -- trouser jeans are challenging, because there's just so much fabric, and often skinny jeans end up pooling around the ankles which can make you look shorter. The bootleg or flare cut -- coming back in a BIG way! -- is often the best bet for petite women. It shows curves AND lengthens legs.

Andi Rae is 37 years old is rocking these petite bootleg jeans from Mandee -- and no, we didn't hem these at all, they were straight off the rack, and they fit her perfectly! I love how they hug her hips and thighs without being too tight and show off her slim knees. Petites need to show off little details like this so they don't get lost in their jeans, and the subtle sandblasting helps create a flattering shape. We added hidden platforms booties from to give her extra height, and balanced the slim jeans with a cropped, boxy faux fur vest.


Mandee boot cut jeans, $25,
LOFT faux fur vest, $98, LOFT stores nationwide
Zara gray turtleneck sweater, $40, Zara stores nationwide
Nine West taupe bootie, $99,
LOFT gold/silver necklace, $34, LOFT stores nationwide

Model #4 - Sara (Curvy)

Wearing Newport News Jeanology Jeans $39

Curvy women should not hide behind full-legged, baggy jeans. You want to create long, lean lines, so avoid cropped or ankle length jeans. Jeans should hit just below your waist -- avoid low-riders. And, always avoid a tight-fitting top -- choose something with a flattering neckline that subtly cinches in at the waist.

Sara is wearing Jeanology jeans from Newport News. They are made without bulky seams and bulging pockets, so they give even more of a streamlined look. And as you can see, the denim isn't black or dark -- the natural indigo wash gives a casual but flattering look, because the cut of the jeans follow her natural curves -- not too tight, not too loose. The floral top and military jacket draw attention to her face to balance out the look.


Newport News Jeanology Extra Wide Leg Clean Jeans in Indigo jeans, $39,
Kohl's Elle military jacket, $50,
Kohl's LC/ Lauren Conrad sleeveless print top, $29,
Nine West red suede pump, $69,
Kohl's Daisy Fuentes bracelet, $28,
Kohl's gold bangles, $20/set,
Target hoop earrings, $14,
Target's Converse One Star at Target handbag, $35,

Model #5 - Marquina ( No Tush)

Wearing Tyte Estela Jeans $30
Marquina is long and thin at 5' 11'. She has a long, thin frame, but would like a few more curves. So If you don't exactly have a J Lo derriere, look for jeans with POCKET DETAILS -- and not just stitching, but actual detailed pocket flaps, ideally with buttons or snaps. A wider leg, trouser style jean helps create the illusion of a bit more junk if your trunk and de-emphasizes a flatter fanny.

Marquina looks amazing in these TYTE trouser jeans. These pockets actually add real dimension, and the placement on the rear gives offers shape and lift. The fuller leg keeps the look elegant and streamlined, and the feminine blouse paired with the studded flats makes the look both sweet and sexy.


Tyte Estela Jeans, $30,
Newport News studded black flats, $29,
LOFT silk blouse with bow, $54, LOFT stores nationwide
Newport News chain belt, $39,
Mulberry for Target handbag, $40, in Target stores Oct. 10.
LOFT bracelet, $34, LOFT stores nationwide
Target silver hoop earrings, $30,

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