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Perfect Gift: Hostess Gifts

The holidays are filled with get-togethers with family and friends and a gift for your host and hostess is a wonderful way to say "thank you."

Chassie Post, contributing style editor at Domino magazine has a few classy hostess gift ideas for anyone on a budget - whether you're coming to dinner, staying the night, or longer.

Instead of bringing "another" bottle of wine or flowers Domino magazine has tons of ideas for the easiest, stylish, and most thoughtful hostess gifts this holiday season straight from their Holiday Gift Guide -- whether you're just going to someone's house for a meal, staying overnight or practically moving in and staying the week!

Even though money might be a little tighter this year, there are some great affordable options that will help you show your appreciation without skimping on style.

Tips when it comes to hostess gifts:

  • Consider the host or hostess's interests and taste when buying a gift - it's nice to make it personal.
  • You want to make sure your gift reflects the effort the host puts in to having you.
  • Buying in bulk can be helpful - by keeping gifts on-hand to bring host/hostess, you'll be prepared for that last-minute party invite, and save yourself some time later.

    These are all unique, interesting and useful things that will make you the favorite party guest -- and get an invite back

    We've gathered a couple of gifts, in different price ranges that could work for different occasions, starting with a gift for the host if you're invited to a dinner/holiday party.

    Tiffany Playing Cards

    It is always nice to see that classic blue box -- and for only $30 you will be getting major brownie points!

    Playing cards are always a classic old school gift - this cute set has two decks in a happy blue & green.

    Great for card sharks & solitaire fanatics - can also keep the kids busy playing "Go Fish."

    French Notebooks
    $3.95 each

    Instead of a notepad or these quirky reproductions of old French student notebooks with bright, fun & colorful vintage looking covers are a fun option.

    Clever and unexpected - perfect for those New Year to-do lists or page after page of deep thoughts!

    Lorina Sparkling Lemonade
    $4.99 per bottle

    Instead of a bottle of wine, try a fancy gourmet sparkling French lemonade that the entire family can enjoy.

    From Lorina, a French company that has been around since the late 1800's, these sparkling lemonades are delicious & pretty (love the old-fashioned bottle)

    Comes in lots of flavors - from pink lemonade to sparkling orangeade

    Cocktail books for drinker
    101 Champagne Cocktails

    Now if your host is a cocktail aficionado, a great option is one or a full set of these little books about how to make the perfect cocktail.

    Fantastic for the season, especially with New Years just around the corner it will most definitely be put to good use.

    These books give every reason to celebrate -- who knew you could make 101 cocktails out of champagne?

    If you are staying overnight -- you might up the ante a little bit and go with a gift that is a little bit more substantial

    La Compagnie de Provence
    $12.50 each set
    Claus Porto Soaps

    You might not be the only guest to stay with your host this holiday season, so it's nice to give a gift for pampering future guests (maybe even yourself on a return visit!).

    Soap is something you have to have on hand anyway - you can never have enough beautiful soaps for the powder rooms in the house.

    These have a fun, vibrant packaging and all smell incredible; they even give off scent while unopened.

    Domino: the Book of Decorating

    Books are a never-go-wrong hostess gift - the key here is to put a little bit of thought into it and choose a book on a subject that your host is interested in
    Also, a hard back book that is coffee table size looks beautiful displayed on a table or shelf.

    And if you host loves decorating, then our new book "Domino: the Book of Decorating> is a no-brainer!

    It has everything you ever wanted to know about decorating as well as quick and affordable ideas on how to create a home that makes you happy.

    Downtown Cookie Company
    $24 per dozen

    Delicious specialty cookies are always a crowd pleaser.

    Downtown Cookie Company started less than a year ago here in New York City by Dan Guerrera who baked cookies for friends in his tiny West Village kitchen.

    The word of mouth spread quickly and requests for these cookies just grew and grew. Now he's churning out hundreds of dozens of cookies for people here in New York City -- and all over the country.

    Each dozen is made to order and made by hand & six different kinds - from chocolate chip walnut to ginger

    And finally, we have the big gifts for the hostess who has invited you over for the weekend or longer …

    If your are staying longer than a weekend (or practically moving in), you may want to give your host something extra special to thank her for her extended hospitality.

    Manhattan Frutier Gourmet Baskets
    Artisan's Cheese Hamper

    Manhattan Frutier offers wonderful gourmet baskets that can be ordered on line and shipped right to your hosts door.

    For the cheese lover we have a gorgeous artisanal cheese hamper filled with handmade cow, goat and sheep cheese, each selected to reflect the season's finest offerings.

    The cheese are accompanied by fresh fruit, crackers, a cheese knife, and quince paste from Spain.

    Also, have a huge selection of gourmet baskets which can be tailored to you hosts tastes, from smoked salmon hamper, to a caviar hamper to this beautiful Champlain basket which has something for everyone - fruit, cookies & sweets!

    Tartan Throw
    $42.95 - $72.95

    Tartan (or plaid) is making a huge comeback & we are seeing it everywhere from fashion to home accessories- it not only says holiday but is a stylish year-round.

    Throws are the ultimate home accessory and have a gazillion uses.

    Perfect for getting cozy while watching a movie, looks a beautiful on the end of a bed or thrown over a chair or sofa to add little punch to a room.

    Can also use in the warmer months as a picnic blanket.

    Huge selection of different colored tartan plaids.

    Bon Appetit Two-Book Package
    Bon Appetit Cookbook & Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook
    $29.95 for set of two books
    Selling at Costco nationwide

    Only $29.95 for both books -- which is almost like getting 2 books for the price of one.

    More than 2,300 recipes in the two books combined -- fantastic gift for the host who loves to cook and if you play your cards right you may even get to enjoy delicious meal or two straight from the pages of your gift.

    Home Fragrance Candles
    Miller Harris Home Fragrance Candle
    Kai Candle

    Home fragrance candles are another never-go-wrong gift and if you are staying a while there are lots of beautiful high-end candles that are a perfect way to say thank you while making your hosts house smell fantastic.

    At Domino, home fragrance are taken seriously -- put these candles to the test.

    These candles chosen because it was approved by everyone on Domino staff -- even scent-haters!

    Soft, light, beautiful scents - not over powering.

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