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People's Best & Worst Of 2008

It has been quite a year for celebrities and news makers and Peter Castro, Deputy Managing Editor of People magazine, stopped by The Early Show to take a look at some of the best and worst stories of the year.

"Let's start with the positive, 2008 was about new life. Lots of babies being born," co-anchor Julie Chen said.

"A lot of babies, big, big baby boom," Castro agreed. "We at People were wondering, 'What is going on?'"

"Like J-Lo," Chen said.

"Well, J-Lo had a baby, and the thing about J-Lo," Castro said. "She got so tired of answering the question 'When are you going to have a baby? When are you going to have a baby?' Well, she delivered two of them. A lot of people -- she, especially, I was in the room -- I was in her house when they just had them and they were really hands on."

"They weren't the only ones with twins," Chen noted. "Brad and Angelina had twins."

"Brad and Angelina, their fifth and sixth baby, endlessly fascinating," Castro said.

"And another notable one was Nicole Richie," Chen said. "Her baby looks just like Joel Madden, the father of the baby."

"Absolutely. Harlow Winter is the baby's name, and the great thing about that is that she was like this wild child, Nicole was, and that baby really brought her down to earth," Castro said.

"Which I'm sure is nice for a lot of people to see," Chen said.

"Well, I think it quite literally saved her life. I think she was on a bad path," Castro said. "And she admits this, having a baby, being a mother, made her see the value of life."

"Let's talk about the weddings of 2008," Chen said. "Mariah Carey tied the knot."

"Mariah Carey tied the knot with Nick Cannon. Right before the ceremony, they got his-and-her tattoos. He got an enormous one across his back, so they better stay together because the tattoo removal bills will be high if they break up," Castro said.

"Also Ellen and Portia di Rossi," Chen said.

"Nineteen guests at Ellen's home in L.A. A lot of pillows, a lot candles … they're very, very much in love," Castro said.

"Howard Stern got married this year," Chen said.

"Yeah, and the oddest thing about that is that Mark Consuelos of all people -- Kelly Ripa's husband - officiated," Castro noted. "I mean, anyone can officiate a wedding now, I guess."

"Unfortunately, there were some bad breakups, which ones stood out for you?" Chen asked.

"Well, I think, you know, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, you know, they kinda seemed happy, but I think the Kabbalah thing got in the way. She wanted to adopt again, he didn't really want to go there," Castro said. But I think the big soap opera split of the year has to be Shania Twain. Because, you know, 'Mutt' Lange, her husband of 14 years allegedly had an affair with her best friend, and it shocked Shania, she was devastated. But now, what's happening is she's now running around town with the husband of the alleged mistress, if you can follow that. I know. It's like 'As The World Turns.'"

"It is," Chen agreed. "OK, I just want to end on one positive thing, the Best Bikini Bods, and who's your favorite Best Bikini Bod?"

"Well, I would have to give it to Helen Mirren - 63-years-old!" Castro said.

"I'm with you there!" Chen agreed.

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