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Pennsylvania teacher allegedly washed out boy’s mouth with soap after argument

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Police and a parent say a Pennsylvania teacher washed out a 10-year-old boy’s mouth with soap after he argued with another student.

The boy’s mother says it happened Oct. 13 at Camp Curtin Academy.

Police Capt. Gabriel Olivera tells that the teacher’s actions - even if true - don’t amount to a crime.

Ciara White and her son, Donald Thomas, spoke to CBS Harrisburg affiliate WHP-TV. Donald says he doesn’t want to go back to the school while the teacher still works there.

“So many questions, first of all why would a teacher do that? What kind of soap? I mean I just don’t understand why a teacher would do that,” said Ciara White.

The concerned mom insisted that if her son had caused problems previously, she was not notified by the school.

Officials with the Harrisburg School District aren’t speaking about the matter, citing student confidentiality issues. They also won’t say whether the teacher has been disciplined.

Neither police nor school officials have identified the teacher.

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