Penn. couple indicted for harboring undocumented immigrant

Artur Samarin, the Ukrainian national associated with Stephayne and Michael McClure-Potts, who were charged with harboring an undocumented immigrant.


HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania couple was indicted by a federal grand jury on Oct. 19 for social security fraud harboring an undocumented immigrant and confiscating a passport for forced labor and services, CBS affiliate WHP reports

Artur Samarin, the Ukrainian national associated with the couple, was arrested earlier this year for posing as a student at John Harris High School and faced charges related falsifying documents and for having sex with an underage girl while he was posing as a student.

According to the United States Attorney Bruce D. Brandler, Stephayne and Michael McClure-Potts both harbored an a person in the country illegally from Mar. 2013 through Aug. 2015 and Stephayne provided false information to Social Security to falsely obtain a social security card with a fictitious identity for another person.

Additionally, the grand jury alleged that McClure-Potts confiscated the passport and immigration documents of that citizen of Ukraine for labor and services and threatened to have that individual deported.

The maximum penalties under federal law for each count is 3 to 5 years imprisonment , a term of supervised release of three years and a $250,000 fine.