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"Penguin Highway" in Antarctica is the cutest traffic jam ever

(CBS News) We turn now from on our ongoing coverage of "The Harlem Shake" phenomenon with this breaking traffic news: the "Penguin Highway" above is the cutest place in the whole wide world ever for congestion and we can only pray to get stuck there in a traffic jam during rush hour!

The adorable overload clip was posted by YouTube user Melissa Brennan who writes:
My name is Melissa Brennan. I'm a 21 year-old traveler and I've been to all seven continents! I shot this at a landing in Antarctica.
Thanks go out to Melissa for sharing this wonderful and candid animal antics moment that has earned her a big triple-rainbow salute of travel awesomeness from all of us here at The Feed! And to check out more videos and travel experiences from Melissa Brennan, be sure to visit her website by clicking here. We now return you to our ongoing coverage of "The Harlem Shake".