Penalty For Posing With O.J.

Afrer responding to O.J. Simpson's 911 call involving a "verbal dispute" with his girlfriend and cocaine use, two Miami-Dade police officers posed for snapshots with him.

Field Training Officer Ralph De Jesus, 42, and rookie trainee Lonnie Allen, 29, were later relieved of patrol duty, Detective Vanessa Cook said Thursday. They've been placed on desk duty, and now face an investigation.

The officers met Simpson, 52, on Sunday after responding to a 911 call he placed from his girlfriend's townhouse. According to a police report, Simpson said Christie Prody, 26, had been on a cocaine binge.

Christie Prody is O.J. Simpson's girlfriend

Simpson later said that was a misunderstanding, and he had placed the call on behalf of one of Prody's friends.

Simpson and Prody were having a "verbal dispute," according to the police report. De Jesus and Allen gave Simpson a brochure on domestic violence. Then they posed for pictures.

Rick Kolodgy, vice president of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association, said the officers might have used poor judgment, but he doesn't think they broke department rules.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. He later was found liable for their deaths in a civil trial and was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages.