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Pelosi To Hold Economic Forum

House Democrats will convene an economic forum next week on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday.

The forum will be held in Pelosi’s office on Monday morning.

In a statement announcing the forum, Pelosi reiterated her desire to see Congress take up a second economic stimulus bill, saying the forum will help shape the package

“Just as the president and Congress worked together in recent weeks on an economic rescue plan to help bring stability to our financial markets, we must now take additional action and pass a jobs creation and economic recovery stimulus plan,” Pelosi said.

On Wednesday, Pelosi said Congress may have to come back into session next month to take up the $61 billion stimulus package.

“House Democratic leaders look forward to hearing from many of America’s preeminent economic minds on what Congress and the President can do together to help families who are struggling in these difficult and worrying economic times,” Pelosi said.


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