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House aims to pass tax package by Thanksgiving week, Paul Ryan says

Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that the House aims to pass a tax reform package by the week of Thanksgiving with the goal of getting the legislation out of Congress by the end of the year. 

The Wisconsin Republican said at his weekly GOP leadership press conference that the Senate will be a little slower, but he said that the GOP's goal is to get it done by the end of December. 

Asked about the dispute between Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, and President Trump, Ryan said that he's glad the president is joining the Senate GOP at lunch Tuesday because it's "best to settle these things in person." 

"I don't think it changes our efforts on tax reform," Ryan said. 

This is the first week back for House lawmakers after they were on recess from Capitol Hill last week. 

House GOP leaders are hoping to pass the Senate-passed budget this week in order to pave the way for tax reform. President Trump is scheduled to huddle with Senate Republicans on Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol. GOP lawmakers were reportedly considering capping pre-tax 401(k) contributions, a move President Trump on Monday vowed wouldn't happen.

GOP leaders said that the House will vote on the budget on Thursday, which will speed up the process to get tax reform by two weeks. 

"Helping middle-income people isn't just the goal of this plan; it's the purpose of this plan," Ryan said. 

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