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Mother of El Paso suspect called police about son before shooting

El Paso suspect's mom called police about gun
El Paso suspect's mother called police concerned about son owning gun 01:53

The mother of El Paso shooting suspect 21-year-old Patrick Crusius called police in Allen, Texas, weeks before the deadly shooting, because her son owned an AK 47-style assault rifle, CBS News has confirmed. The family's attorney, Chris Ayres, said the phone call was "purely informational," and that there was "absolutely no fear of violence nor any belief of an intent to do harm" that led Crusius' mother to call police. 

The lawyer added that Crusius did not identify herself or her son to police when she made the call, and that the department did not file the call or follow up on it. 

Crusius is accused of opening fire at an El Paso Walmart on Saturday, killing 22 people and injuring dozens more. It's not clear if he used the same style of gun that his mother called about. Investigators said Crusius drove 10 hours from Allen to El Paso. The alleged white supremacist has been charged with capital murder. 

A manifesto believed to have been written by the suspect and uploaded to the web forum 8chan expressed concerns about the growing Hispanic population of Texas. Officials have referenced the document and said the shooting may have a "nexus" to a hate crime. 

El Paso police said Sunday that Crusius legally purchased the gun used in the rampage. 

CNN first reported Crusius' mother call to police weeks before the shooting. 

Crusius' family issued a statement Wednesday to The Wall Street Journal saying "Patrick's actions were apparently influenced and informed by people we do not know, and from ideas and beliefs we do not accept or condone."  

Crusius is being held on capital murder charges, the El Paso County District Attorney's Office said. The District Attorney's office is seeking the death penalty. 

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