Paterno's children on how he should be remembered

Jay Paterno and Mary Kay Paterno-Hort
Joe Paterno's children, Jay Paterno and Mary Kay Paterno-Hort, on "CBS This Morning."

Penn State University is holding a wake Tuesday for its longtime football coach, Joe Paterno.

Paterno died Sunday of complications from lung cancer.

Two months ago, his record-setting career was cut short when he was fired in the aftermath of child sex-abuse charges against his former assistant Jerry Sandusky.

When "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose asked Paterno's children, Jay Paterno and Mary Kay Paterno-Hort, what their father's legacy will be, Jay Paterno said it will be his family and his players.

"What do we (the family) do with our lives and what they (the players) do with their lives are going to be the thing that becomes a legacy for him," he said.

As for the scandal, Paterno-Hort said her father was focused on the next stage of his life -- and the next fight.

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"You know, really he was very focused on the next chapter in his life. He was -- he was fighting. He was looking forward to what he had ahead of him," she said. "He was positive, confident, and was really enjoying this stage of his life."

Jay Paterno added, "What you're going to see is as we get past the next couple of days and celebrate his life, the legacy that's going to remain is his sense of personal excellence is what really came through."

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"He believed that success was something people outside of you put on you and defined you, but your personal excellence is really what you were all about, and that's a lesson I've heard from him and our players have heard from him and Penn Staters have heard from him and they've tried to maintain that and he has," Jay Paterno said. "I think there's never been a question that he's always believed he's done the right thing and I think that will come shining through as we go forward."

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