Pastor's Wife Forgives Accused Gunman

Cindy Winters
Last Sunday, a gunman walked into the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill., near St. Louis, and opened fire, killing pastor Fred Winters. Two congregants were injured as they wrestled him to the ground.

The alleged gunman, Terry Sedlacek, has pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

Now, the pastor's wife says she's praying for Sedlacek.

In an exclusive interview with Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen from inside the church Monday, Cindy Winters said she doesn't even hold any "hard feelings" against Sedlacek.

"I do not have any hatred, or even hard feelings towards him," she told Chen. "We have been praying for him. One of the first things that my daughter said to me after this happened was, 'You know, I hope that he comes to learn to love Jesus through all of this.' We are not angry at all, and we really firmly believe that he can find hope and forgiveness and peace through this, by coming to know Jesus. And we hope that that happens for him."

Asked what she hopes the criminal justice system does with Sedlacek, Winters replied, "I don't have any speculation or any idea about that. But I do hope that he finds peace with God. I hope that he comes to understand that God loves him in spite of his sins and that he can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."