Pastor of online ministry allegedly stabs roommate with sword

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Sacramento man David Mock displays bandages on some of his wounds from an alleged sword attack by his roommate, an online pastor.
CBS Sacramento

(CBS) SACRAMENTO - David Goudie, a self-proclaimed pastor, is accused of the ungodly act of attacking his roommate with a sword, CBS Sacramento reports.

"He called himself a soldier of the Lord," Goudie's roommate, and now alleged victim, David Mock said. 

Mock says Goudie, whom he shared a home with for four months, viciously attacked him with a 4-foot sword Thursday.

"I saw an object just coming towards me, and it was a sword," Mock told CBS Sacramento. "The sword went through my hand and through my groin, through my privates."

Mock told the station that prior to the attack Goudie went on a 24-hour drinking binge, threatening to hurt and kill him.

Mock says he called police three times that day.

Mock describes Goudie as a religious man who is the brains behind Power Christianity, a "radical" online ministry, CBS Sacramento reports.

Mock is convinced something made Goudie snap recently.

"It was sick, or something happened," Mock told the station. "It wasn't him, you know?"

Mock has been treated for his injuries but doctors are not sure if his hand will fully recover.

Goudie is facing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, and is being held at the Sacramento County Jail.