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Past U.S. Winners Of Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama is not the first sitting U.S. president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were the first two, and he joins a long list of Americans whose efforts have drawn the attention of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

U.S. winners of the Nobel Peace Prize include:

1906, Theodore Roosevelt
1912, Elihu Root
1919, Woodrow Wilson
1925, Charles G. Dawes
1929, Frank B. Kellogg
1931, Jane Addams
1931, Nicholas Murray Butler
1945, Cordell Hull
1946, Emily Greene Balch
1946, John R. Mott
1950, Ralph Bunche
1953, George C. Marshall
1962, Linus Pauling
1964, Martin Luther King Jr.
1970, Norman Borlaug
1973, Henry Kissinger
1986, Elie Wiesel
1997, Jody Williams
2002, Jimmy Carter
2007, Al Gore
2009, Barack Obama

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