Passion Pit rocks with brand-new music video for "Cry Like A Ghost" (with hip-hop shopping spree bonus)

(CBS News) Each week I try to hold off on posting great music up until the Friday Music Round-Up, and I usually break down by Tuesday. But I've made it all the way to Wednesday afternoon, which calls for a celebration. So, uh, how about some great music to mark the occasion? Check out the brand-new and amazing music video for Passion Pit's song "Cry Like A Ghost" above.

The very visual exploration of one woman's journey through love and a lot of heartbreak was directed by DANIELS (a creative duo I've been a fan of for years), and has a sound that hooks you from the moment the "whirr" and instrumentals kick in. I can't get enough of Passion Pit (one might say I'm "passionate" about them), and their latest makes me love them even more. 

And as a music bonus, we're including another new musical work from one of our favorites and a regularly featured experimental music group: CDZA! This time they've collaborated with Mark, Todd and Stasia from The Key of Awesome to explore the cost of product placement in hip-hop with a very different type of shopping spree. Watch the numbers add up as the beat drops below.