Party Dresses For Less Than $100

This is a busy time of year for parties, but if you spend too much on the perfect party outfit, you won't have money for presents!

On The Early Show Thursday, Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive fashion editor-at-large of Glamour magazine (, had some great party looks -- for less than $100.

Ruffles are a strong message this season as well as next season and no one does them better than Isaac Mizrahi for target. Love the color, love the fabric, love the cut, and most importantly, it's a perfect shape for anyone who wants to add curves or hide thighs.

DRESS: Isaac Mizrahi for Target $49

The Orient is a destination that feels both current and futuristic. Don't be surprised if you see this print coming up everywhere. The sex appeal is in the legs, and it's a great solution for women who don't love to show their arms (and want to eat dessert!)

DRESS: Delia's $49

The strapless bell dress is the shape of the season. The wallpaper print takes it to chic. This is the perfect pear-shape dress, because it shows off the upper body and glides over a fuller lower-body.

DRESS: Velvet Torch at $49

When buying an inexpensive dress, the trick is in the fabric. Too much shine can be a giveaway -- that's why we love this chiffon dress from Express. Not only does it look rich, it shows off your curves in all the right places without feeling skimpy.

DRESS: Express $74

Stones -- the bigger, the better -- are a season's must-have, not too mention that they add an extra touch of glamour to any look. Schwartz's philosophy is that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed, at all times. This dress will work almost anywhere, with the exception of your best friend's wedding! The raw silk texture winterizes the look.

DRESS: H&M $79