Partisans: Candidates need to present a vision at tonight's debate

(CBS News) On the morning of the second presidential debate, a Democratic strategist and a conservative journalist managed to agree on one aspect of tonight's contest: Both candidates needs to present their vision for the future.

"Job number one is for [President Obama] to talk about what's his plan for the future. How are we going to move forward building on the last four years," Dee Dee Myers, former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning." 

"People want to hear the vision for the next four years," said Rich Lowry, editor for the conservative National Review.

"The big hole in this reelection campaign is that there is no second term agenda except for a big tax cut, and both these guys have failed when they try to make it about the other guy," he added.

Myers added another item to President Obama's to-do list for tonight's debate at Hofstra University: "He needs to reminds viewers that Governor Romney's positions in the debates aren't necessarily the same as he's had for the past four years on the campaign trail."

Lowry added that Romney should also make the case that if elected, a showdown between Congress and the president would be avoided when tackling difficult issues Washington faces before the end of the year regarding taxes and spending.

"If you liked the first debt showdown, you're really going to like the second," said Lowry, referring to what Romney should say of Mr. Obama.

Myers responded to that argument, saying that the American public "doesn't like" the Republican Congressional agenda of tax breaks for the wealthy and cuts to government programs.

"With Romney in charge, the Republican House will be in control; with Romney in the White House, they will be setting the agenda, not the White House," Myers said.