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Paris Hilton to Face Felony Drug Charge, Say Reports

Paris Hilton to Face Felony Drug Charge, Say Reports
Paris Hilton (AP Photo/Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.) AP Photo/Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

NEW YORK (CBS) Paris Hilton has reportedly said she is not worried about her recent arrest for felony possession of cocaine - but maybe she should be.

Apparently, Las Vegas District Attorney David Roger, who put OJ Simpson behind bars on robbery charges, does not look kindly upon celebrities who feel they can come to Las Vegas and not play by the rules.

A source close to the case told that Roger is not looking to offer Hilton a plea deal on her cocaine possession charge and will attempt to put the hotel heiress away for one to four years.

TMZ reports that the DA has already filed the felony case against the hotel heiress.

In the aftermath of Friday's arrest, Hilton attempted to explain her predicament by claiming that the purse, as well as the cocaine inside, belonged to one of her girlfriends.

Hilton told the arresting officer that she had borrowed the purse because the one she brought did not match her outfit.

She admitted to owning the money, credit cards, and the broken prescription drug pill inside, but not the 0.8 grams of cocaine which fell out of the purse while she was trying to retrieve her lip balm, says

The 29-year-old's boyfriend Cy Waits was also arrested during the stop on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It has also been reported that the 34-year-old Las Vegas nightclub tycoon was fired from his managerial posts at both Wynn and Encore properties.

August 30, 2010 - Paris Hilton Not Worried, Claims She Didn't Know Cocaine Was in Purse, Say Reports

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