Paris Hilton: I'm A U.S. Princess

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For someone with a wilder-than-wild party girl history and a faker-than-fake reality TV show, Paris Hilton is surprisingly real.

In person, what you see - glammed up, glammed down, hair extensions in, hair extensions out - is what you get. She doesn't hide her silly spoils, like her dog's designer carrying case, and has perfected her paparazzi pout. The result? Ever-increasing fame for the omnipresent hotel heiress turned sex tape star and reality TV supernova.

Now Hilton, 24, is moving into acting. In "House of Wax," opening Friday, Hilton does horror. She'll later surface in "National Lampoon's Pledge This!" and "Bottom's Up." But when it comes to her tabloid-tracked personal life, Hilton insists she's become more interested in playing housewife than club hopper.

Other than the husband, two kids and white picket fence, Hilton seemingly has it all. And it's all about Paris: a self-titled fragrance, self-titled nightclub chain, self-titled jewelry line. She's also working on a self-titled boutique hotel chain, as-yet-untitled makeup and clothing lines and a more-than-likely mild CD.

During a recent interview, Hilton's trendy SoHo hotel room had the frenzied atmosphere of a children's play area. A plate with scrambled egg remnants lingered on an end table. Makeup bags doubled as a throw pillows on the couch. Bottles of vitamins fought for space on a cluttered coffee table. Two smiley publicists leered from the bedroom while a makeup artist prepared his palette and a hairdresser prodded the top of Hilton's head, installing her latest set of hair extensions.

With her infamous Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, half-awake in her lap, Hilton rested in the eye of the storm, unfazed by a barrage of silly questions and the yanking of her new locks. Other than refusing to utter Backstreet Boy and ex-beau Nick Carter's name, Hilton purred freely about her sex tape, her falling out with "Simple Life" cohort Nicole Richie, her naughty "House of Wax" scenes and her death. Her most shocking revelation: Hilton wants a simpler life.