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Paris Hilton Channels Marilyn Monroe

They say life often imitates art, and in this case, Paris Hilton has imitated one of the most famous icons of the 20th century. The hotel heiress dressed up like Marilyn Monroe for the Hollywood launch of her latest perfume fragrance, Tease.

Hilton's channeling of the famous blond bombshell led paparazzi who were on the red carpet to call out for both Paris and Marilyn.

"I always loved Marilyn Monroe since I was a little girl. I think she is such an icon. So, I wanted to make the next fragrance totally about her. That is why I was inspired by her to do this," Hilton told reporters at the unveiling.

Critics may call it a stretch to compare Monroe, who left a prolific mark on pop culture, to Hilton, whose most famous screen role may be that in a controversial sex tape. But Hilton argues that she felt the need to copy Monroe's persona in order to convey the growth in both her personal and professional life.

"Tease is my 10th fragrance. We have done so many over the years but this one is more mature. The last time I did Fairy, I did Mermaid. I was younger, now I am more mature. I thought it was a really glamorous fragrance," Hilton pointed out.

Toning down her public image in years past as a party girl, perhaps Hilton's growth can be seen as from one night in Paris to one night as Marilyn.

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